September 20, 2021

Vacation Photo Tips for parents

Every parent strives to capture memories while on trips with their family. On our recent trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, I took a few photos to remember our trip. Read this quick blog with some vacation photo tips whether it be on your camera or phone.

Tip #1 – Don’t force the smiles

Your kids will remember your vacation based off the experiences they have. Try not to stop their play or activity and ask for a smile. Think of the image as the perfect way for your kids to remember exactly what they did. Just snap away while they play!

girl jumping in ocean waves on cloudy day
two girls hiding in shadow of plants in sand

Tip #2 – Use different perspectives

Sometimes the best way to get their point of view is to get down on their level. Show the world how they see it. Or go below them and get a new perspective yourself. Raise the camera up, put it closer to the ground, point it straight down, etc. Not only does this show your vacation from their view but it also switches up the type of images you take.

girl raises hand while walking on sand dune
image of baby from below in front of glass wall

Tip #3 – Take photos at all times of day

If you’re up at sunrise, then take advantage of it. I am very sorry your kids wake up super early, don’t they know it’s vacation?! It’s honestly a lovely time for a great vacation photo. We didn’t make it to our beach walk at dusk this year but it’s cool to grab some photos then as well. At the pool at noon – snap away. At the dinner table, that’s great too!

children sitting on couch together
girl walking away from camera on boardwalk
dad with 2 kids on beach at sunrise

Tip #4 – The Ultimate Vacation Photo Tip: Catch a candid smile when you can!

Is your kid genuinely having a good time? Are they laughing with their true smile? Of course you should take advantage of the moment and take a picture. They will look back at all of your photos and have great memories of the fun experiences you had together. I hope these vacation photo tips are helpful and you take advantage of a few on your next family trip!

young daughter holds dads hand while smiling

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