February 23, 2021

Creating your 365 Project book | Fairfax, VA Family and Senior Photography

So you’ve completed a year of taking photos every day – your 365 Project. As you may know I just completed a second year of my 365 Project. Whether it’s your first year or third year, it’s a huge accomplishment! Be proud of all the work you put into the project and creating the daily habit of taking a picture. It is no small feat and you should be doing a big happy dance right now! I am a firm believer in printing all those lovely photos you’ve taken so they can be enjoyed today and for years to come. Remember that an individual photo may not be your best ever, but combined they are a fantastic display of your talent. I print a book each year so we can flip through it and reminisce together on the year. When it comes to printing that gorgeous book, here are some tips.

Tip #1: Choose a good quality printer. I have used Mpix in the past but chose to go with Blurb this year. For the amount of photos in my book, the software that Blurb uses to make a book makes more sense to me. You download the plugin, create the book locally, and upload once when finalized. I did not go with their top-tier photo book as I want this to be something the kids can flip through and I won’t worry too much. If I spent the money on the super-nice-and-shiny book I would keep it on the top shelf and no one would see it.

Which brings me to Tip #2: make the book a low-hanging fruit for the kids to grab. I took all these photos for myself and ultimately for my kids to remember their childhood. It makes my heart happy to see them pull it off the shelf and bring it over to look at. I want it to be accessible to kids, grandparents, and guests. When we first get our book it sits library-style on the top of the book shelf. I then move it to the section in our book case with our other family photo books.

Tip #3: Choose layouts that please the eye. I created 5-6 layouts and repeated them throughout the book. I have one for a double-page spread, one that fills a single page, a layout with options for 2, 3 and 4 photos, etc. I don’t want to clutter the pages too much as it gets overwhelming to look at that way. The pattern of layouts becomes expected and calming.

And lastly, Tip #4: open the book and enjoy often! You put SO much work into this that it’s important to take the time and appreciate your personal growth, the photographic skills you’ve acquired shooting in all different lighting scenarios, the dedication it takes to committing to a project like this, and of course seeing how your family grew. Congrats and I hope you do it again next year!