February 17, 2021

Spring locations during COVID-19 | Alexandria, VA Family and Senior Photographer

Spring is right around the corner, friends! I noticed my daffodils coming out of the ground yesterday and the birds are extra chatty. With outdoor COVID mask restrictions in place, I thought it would be helpful to lay out some location options that are workable this Spring. I will list them in order of crowd level and overall popularity. Some location names are hidden because I spend a lot of time scouting and like to keep my spots a secret.

1. NEW to 2021! Park in Manassas. Crowd level: empty
You have the whole park to yourselves! I have scouted this spot twice with my kids (and my sister and her kids). It’s a large park with lots of little nooks and pathways. It could be slightly more popular in the Spring with nicer weather, but again, it’s very big and open. It has paved paths, tall grass, and this super fun rock mini-mountain.

2. Location XYZ. Crowd level: mostly empty
With a couple miles of white gravel paths, this location is a gem! I discovered it last Fall and I can’t wait to see what kind of wildflowers grow there in warmer weather.

3. Fort Washington, MD. Crowd level: medium
I waffled back and forth with the crowd level and popularity rating here. While this park is well-known, it’s gigantic and has so much space to run. I love all the beautiful rock that is the fort. This is such a unique spot!

4. Location ABC. Crowd level: medium
This is probably my most versatile locations. It works with every season and both sunrise and sunset. There is a diverse range of plants and vegetation all year round. This spot is great if you want a later start time for your session too.

5. Old Town Alexandria. Crowd level: high
When choosing this location I suggest sticking to weekdays. I also have some walking routes that avoid King St, King Street Park, and the Waterfront Park. There are tons of other lovely spots in Old Town that don’t require you to go to the busy streets. 

6. Green Spring Garden. Crowd level: very high
This location is just oh, so lovely for Spring, Summer, and Fall. It’s just gorgeous and I am always astounded at how many blooms they have growing. If only I could have a quarter of their gardening skills! While it is very crowded here on weekends, weekdays are not nearly as bad. It is also great for post-rainy days as the stone pathway provides dry ground.

There are plenty of other locations depending on where you live or how far you’re willing to travel. I always work with my clients to find the best location for their family session. Bring on the warmer weather!