February 2, 2021

A snowy afternoon couple’s session | Burke, VA Family and Senior Photography

Warning: I am biased about how I feel when I see these photos. Because you guys…this is my brother!! And he just got engaged! We love her to pieces and are so excited for them! So naturally, now that she’s part of the family, I asked if I could take their engagement photos and get her used to being in front of the camera.

We talked a little about what she wanted for their photos but it was still early at the time so we didn’t finalize any plans. Then the snow came. I texted them a few days before when I saw the weather forecast. They were on board for a snowy session at one of my favorite spots in Northern Virginia. We waited until noon the day of the session and decided to go for it. The roads were fine and the snow was falling magically! It turned more into rain by the time we were done, but such is the life of a snowfall in Virginia. 

The air was brisk to say the least, it was completely overcast, and we were the only ones there! I can’t say the same about the Spring and Fall so that was a huge plus. I knew there were evergreens down one of the paths so we headed there first. Like I said, I love this location and this was my first time doing a session there in the snow. The evergreens did not disappoint as did any of the other landscape. The variety of texture you get with some snow was incredible! 

I’m so happy for both of them and can’t wait to have her officially be part of the family!