January 15, 2021

365 Project 2020: The Year of Quarantine | Springfield, VA Family and Senior Photographer

I did it! I completed my second year of a 365 Project. For those of you who don’t know what a 365 Project is, let me simply explain: you take a photo every day. For me, I must use my “big” camera and the subject matter can vary although it’s 99.9% my kids. Halfway through my first year it quickly became a habit and something I didn’t have to think much about. This year was even easier as far as picking my camera up every day. That being said, not every moment is inspiring and provides for a super-amazing photo, but that’s not the point. I want to FIND inspiration in the everyday and practice using my camera over and over.

As a family photographer in Northern Virginia, I find it so important to know my camera quickly, like the back of my hand. My fastest clients are 3 year olds so I need to be faster than them! I promise if you do anything every day you will become better at it. Is every day awe inspiring? Of course not. Did being at home a lot help? No it did not. I go through phases of loving this project and days where I almost feel like quitting. 

Being at home for days on end in 2020 was not helpful. I feel like I have exhausted every nook and cranny of my house, every time of day, and used every wall color. So while this year was easy because I was in the habit of picking up my camera, the routine of being at home made it difficult. Thankfully the parks opened back up in the late Spring and just being outside in a new space gave me so much joy. 

I was determined to make it through Year 2 so I persisted. I tried new angles, I got a new lens, I played with prisms in front of the lens, and I did more self portraits than I have ever done in a year (see last collage). We spent a ton of time together as a family and weirdly my 2020 goal was to get more photos with all of us in the frame. I didn’t get as many as I had hoped for, but I will count it a success nonetheless. 

I am grateful for all the adventures we went on, parks we visited, and friends with pools who let us use them while our pool was closed. I am grateful for slow mornings with my girls and enjoying the toys and endless crafts we already had. 

I am convinced this project will push your boundaries as a photographer and an artist. I have been in the photography world since black and white film days in high school. For all of those 18 years I have never learned more about light, camera settings, angles, and capturing the moment than I have during this project. 

Are you interested in starting a 365 Project of your own? Check out this blog I wrote with some tips on starting. I’d be happy to talk with and encourage you so reach out via emailInstagram or Facebook and let’s get chatting.