December 31, 2020

Why I love photographing YOUR parents at an extended family session | Springfield, VA Family Photographer

I love extended family sessions. This one in particular was extra special as this couple was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. As a family photographer I get a good amount of extended family sessions but this one was a rarity! Because of COVID this photoshoot was the main highlight of their celebration. I love that their son and daughter-in-law thought to celebrate this way and capture what 50 years of marriage can look like. 

First, you should consider an extended family session because photos of your kids with your parents will be treasured forever. Your kids (and you!) will hold onto these for years to come. I know, you have plenty of photos in your phone, but I love getting real emotion out of my clients and into the image. Look at these sweet kids with their grandparents!

Secondly, you should totally 100% capture the love between your parents. I don’t feel the need to say much here, just look at this adorable couple! The way they look at each other, the details in their hands – I just can’t. They are precious. I hope they had a great time celebrating this huge milestone!