August 14, 2020

What’s the most challenging age to photograph? | Burke, VA Family and Senior Photographer

This question comes up often: what is the most challenging age to photograph? After a solid 2 years as a Northern Virginia family photographer  I can confidently answer that question. To me the age is 12-24 months old, or roughly the age they learn to walk until 2 years old. If you are a mom of any kid over that age, then I think you might agree. Learning to walk is a step in the direction of independence for your child that is challenging and exciting all at once. You are constantly having to chase and manage them as they work on mastering moving about on their own. Yet at the same time, it’s fun to see their personality start to shine.

There are some positives at this age as well. For instance, they don’t think to make goofy faces or purposefully turn away from the camera. Most kids do that because they are stubborn, shy, or to try to get a laugh out of everyone (sometimes successfully which I love). Kids at this age can also be easily distracted with a toy, treat, or change of scenery. I usually let my 12-24 month olds run the show at these family sessions. I try to walk the direction they want or at least guide them to make them think it was their idea. Giving them control, or the illusion of control, is key for me. Then we all win.

Parents at these sessions worry that I didn’t get any “good ones” or images of the child looking my direction. I assure them I did. I only need a second of your new-walker to look my direction, smile at you, or snuggle up to snap a picture. You, as the parents, know all the tricks to keep your baby happy. These sessions are filled with songs being sung, toys being pulled out, dancing, snacks, and hugs when they get a bump on the knee. I promise if you stay in tune with your child, then I will be able to capture your family perfectly.