October 19, 2021

What about the weather for family photos?

This weekend I had my first rescheduling of a family session this Fall due to weather. I’m sure more will come my way so I thought I’d share how I handle the weather for your session.

“What happens if it rains?”

That’s probably the most frequent question I get during my client phone consultations and I totally understand! I assure my clients that I can change the weather with a snap of my finger and not to worry. Obviously I’m joking but let’s talk about the communication leading up to your session and what happens if rain (or sometimes high wind) is predicted during your session.

family of 5 sits on blanket under pink sky

First off, the key to your family photos is connection, not the weather.

The main point here is your connection with your family is key. Sunny skies, cloudy skies, Fall or Summer – it doesn’t matter. Focusing on your family, snuggling, laughing, playing, and having fun together is what will make or break your photos. So try not to stress over the weather and what it happens to be for your session. Connection is key!

parents swing toddler son while walking away from camera
couple hugs intimately under cloudy sky

Let’s talk about the weather forecast.

Communication leading up to your session is key when it comes to weather for family photos. I email clients 2-3 days before their session. I send details about where to park, exactly where to meet me, and the weather forecast. If it’s looking like potential rain then I tell my clients I will be in touch again within 24 hours. At that point, I check my fancy weather app and let the client know what’s being predicted. I like to cancel at the latest point possible. If it’s a sunset session, then I will wait as long as you feel comfortable to make the final call. For those with toddlers napping that point may be before nap time. If you have bigger kids then you can probably wait until 2 hours prior to meeting. It changes based off your family and how far your location might be and I’m ready to be flexible with you!

silhouette of family of 4 on structure
family of 3 with puppy in field of tall grass

Wrapping it up: don’t stress about the weather.

A little rain before your session can actually make for some lovely images and you might get some awesome clouds! All the images here have overcast or cloudy skies and some my favorite family photos.

mother and young son hugging in front of lake

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