November 14, 2019

Things I consider when suggesting your location | Chantilly, VA Family Photography

Location, location – it’s everything for your session. If you read my earlier blog, What I Look for When I Location Scout, then you know I spend a lot of time looking for locations. When I check out my lengthy list of locations, I still have more to think about when it comes to suggesting a spot for your family. In our initial phone call I ask if you have any specific location ideas in mind. Like if you prefer some kind of water or open fields or gardens. Then we talk about the age of your kids, what you like doing on the weekend, how far you want to travel for your session, and try to nail down date and time. After I have all this information I review my list and consider the following things

1. Age of your kids – This is a big determining factor. Maybe near water is not going to work if you have toddlers who want to just run and splash in it. If the parking lot is far from the location then carrying littles won’t be easy. Or maybe you have a little one who just learned to walk and a bumpy field will cause her to fall down a lot. Or maybe you want the soft, bumpy field for your new-walker instead of stone pathways at a garden. If you have a large family then we need more room to run and space to be secluded from crowds. 

2. Time of year – Some of my favorite late Fall/early Spring locations are my absolute worst locations in summer. Beautiful trees in Fall may look drab and boring in Spring. The gardens bloom in Spring and Fall, but are still dead in early Spring. 

3. Time of day – Sunrise at one location may work perfectly but that same spot for sunset just won’t look the same. The sun rising over the lake is beautiful, but setting behind you (not over the water) doesn’t have the same effect. A couple of my favorite spots are my favorite because they are perfect for both sunrise and sunset.

4. Ease of access – If momma is pregnant then I am not picking a location that includes a long walk or super bumpy ground. Bigger kids allow for more adventurous locations and are able to be by water safely. 

5. Distance from you – Some people are willing to drive across the county for a good spot or a specific background they want. Others strictly want a convenient spot so the baby doesn’t fall asleep on the way home. 

There is a lot to consider when helping you choose a location. I love suggesting spots that will work for your family and meet your needs.