October 6, 2020

Showing your personality in your Senior session | Northern Virginia Senior Photographer

The essence of Senior pictures is capturing their personality. Bottle up everything that defines who they are and treasure it forever. Show every side of their character, their talents, and their identity during this special time in their lives. This Senior girl represents all of this and more. 

We met at the Workhouse Arts Center as it holds a special place in her life. About a month prior I spoke on the phone with her and her mother to discuss details of the Senior session. I learned that the Senior volunteers here every Fall and would love to have her photos there. Done! Tip 1: pick a location that will exemplify your personality. Every location has its own vibe. Do you want a clean and crisp city look? Are you feeling wild and free in an open field? Will brick and mortar your look? Or is it somewhere special to you like a small town you always got ice cream in with your friends? Think about it and together we will find the perfect location.

Her session started at sunset and we began to walk around. I had a few specific places in mind, but she had suggestions of her favorite spots. We had a blast together laughing and I learned more about her personality as she was chatting. I have all my clients fill out a quick questionnaire with some questions to help me get to know the Senior before we meet. Tip 2: break the ice before the session begins. I already knew she was in theater and her pink hair told me she had a big personality. I consider myself mostly extroverted and it’s easy for me to strike up a conversation with anyone. 

I find 2-3 outfits during a session to be the maximum with the allotted time we have together. Adding a jacket, changing accessories, a hat, or different shoes can change up a look without requiring a full outfit change. Pro tip for girls: wear a tank top for easy changing on site. The off-should shirt she wore was special to her as it was her moms from the 80’s (this made me feel old). I love that she incorporated it into her session and I think the fun pattern blended well with her style. The second outfit (with and without ducky earrings) was vibrant, bright and loud – which now I can say is just like her! I think the rainbow sweater with her pink hair was amazing. And the pop of yellow made it that much better. Tip 3: go big or go home with the outfits. Choose things that show your personality in a big way! From your head to your toes make everything count. Remember you will have these photographs for a lifetime and will look back on them with fond memories. I can’t wait to meet your Senior!