December 28, 2020

Recap of my 2020 | Northern Virginia Family and Senior Photographer

Much like many of your 2020 calendars, mine started off normal, hopeful, and excited for what the year would bring. In March all of that plummeted, quickly and obviously unexpectedly, like many of your calendars as well. There was a lot of stress with all of the unknowns which again I’m sure you’re familiar with. I counted my Spring 2020 as a wash, possibly the entire year, who knew at that point! 

During the quarantine I took advantage of the time handed to me to work on my editing. There is always more to learn and the more you know, the better you are as a photographer. I took an editing class with Alyssa Hollis Photography, watched oh-so-many YouTube videos, and continued shooting every day for my 365 Project. I fully grasped that how you edit comes only second to how you shoot the raw image. With the help of friends over the summer, I learned to wrangle the sun’s light and get a whole new level of images. I had some lovely late-Spring sessions and a surprising, steady flow of sessions all Summer long.

Which brings us to Fall. I tip-toed into September not knowing if I would have many sessions and keeping my expectations low. I had no idea how it would play out and I wanted to keep myself from being disappointed. Now that I am on the other side I can tell you that I am the happiest family photographer in Northern Virginia! You all totally blew me away. I was overjoyed to see repeat clients with kids who sprung up in a years time. I was delighted to get to know some new families as well. I endlessly explored locations and held sessions at new spots which always excites me. 

Thank you to every single one of my families and Seniors who booked with me this year. I truly appreciate you more than you know! Please take a minute to scroll down and see a recap of my lovely, fun, adventurous, unexpected, and fulfilling year.

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