March 24, 2020

My Ideal Client for Family Sessions | Woodbridge, VA Photography

Having been in business for a year and a half, I feel confident in knowing my ideal family session client. I can spot them in Target or playing at a park with their kids. I see them hiking in the woods together or relaxing by a lake. I think that only experience can give you this insight into your client. During my busy Fall season I was even more aware of the qualities my ideal family brings to the table. 

1. My ideal family likes snuggling and playing.
My goal for your session is to capture everyday moments that are maybe a bit on the snuggly side. Sure, you don’t always sit in a field and tickle your toddler, but it shows the connection you have has a family. My ideal families aren’t afraid of showing a little affection in front of the camera – to your kids and your spouse! Mom and Dad can embrace for a REAL kiss, not a wimpy little peck. Tell your kid a story that you know will make them laugh while giving them a big hug. 

2. My ideal family is relaxed before and during the session.
Let’s be real, most of the “before the session” falls on Mom. My ideal Mom isn’t overly stressed about dates and location and styling. She trusts my location suggestions, picks a date that works for them, and we’re off! As for styling, my ideal family doesn’t necessarily need to buy all new clothes for their session. My savvy client can get creative with what they have and fill in where needed. We probably text back and forth a few times to decide on the outfits that work best for everyone. 

3. My ideal family comes in all different sizes.
My ideal family is new to parenthood with one baby and they are big families with lots of kids. I enjoy the dynamics between family members no matter the size. Sometimes the age range of kids is wide and sometimes they are clumped close together. My families are beautiful blended families too.

4. My ideal family isn’t looking for perfect images.
When shooting outdoors there is always weather to account for. Sometimes the wind blows hair in kids’ faces or a light sprinkle may have passed. Sometimes clothes might be out of place when I ask you to spin or run. I like movement and motion – anything to capture the feel of your family. There will be some of everyone looking at the camera, but a majority will be looking at each other. 

5. My ideal family enjoys nature and being outdoors.
The landscape and location choice is a huge part of planning for your session. My ideal family loves hiking on the weekends, letting their kids play in the dirt, and being outside all year round. I want the environment to reflect your family’s lifestyle. I spend a lot of time location scouting and matching you with a perfect spot. I wrote a blog on things I consider when making location suggestions.

If you read this and think this client is YOU then reach out and let’s get your session booked. I can’t wait to meet your family.