October 2, 2019

How to capture the moments on your vacation | Fairfax, VA Family Photographer

The beach. The word alone brings thoughts of relaxation, calm, and fun. If you have small kids it also brings thoughts of never actually sitting in your beach chair and finding sand in all places for days. We spent a week away from our home in Springfield, Virginia and travelled to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We try to go once a year (usually with friends) and enjoy time together at the beach, the backyard pool, and exploring the area. Mornings are filled with slow breakfasts then we hit the beach with snacks and drinks in tow. After returning for lunch and naps and more TV than normal, we splash in the pool while prepping dinner. We did a night walk on the beach which the kids loved and explored shops on the boardwalk in the neighboring town.

I carried my camera around when possible (PS – the beach elements of sand and water are literally the worst for cameras so I was extra careful!) and snapped away. Here are some tips for capturing your next vacation:

1. Show the places you visited. We try to spend one day out and about exploring the town. Strolling a boardwalk and climbing a lighthouse was on the agenda this year. I want the girls to remember alllll those steps they took to the top of the lighthouse.

2. Snap some of the kids playing. This one is easy because kids play a lot, especially when you’re in a new place. I wanted to show how they got sand everywhere, flew a kite, walked on the beach at night, and swam in their own little pool.

3. Show scale to get a sense of the space. The beach is vast and makes you feel small. The stairs in the lighthouse were daunting. Step back and let the scenery shine. 

4. Capture all the laughter. I heard some big belly laughs while on vacation. Everyone is excited to be in a new place and my little one LOVED the water. And a unicorn made for 3 little girls? Perfect.