July 30, 2019

Happy One Year to Me | Springfield, VA Family Photography

Wow. What a year. I can’t believe 365 days have passed since I officially started this little family photography business I get to call my own. I would now like to do a Grammy-style thank you to a million people. Kidding. Kind of. I have so many people to thank, but they are being thanked this coming week. For this blog I will stick with “Things I’ve Learned” and keep it simple and short.

The value of authenticity – YOU are your business. People are buying family photos because they like working with ME and they like the product I provide.

Importance of relationships – This is speaking to my photographer friends and client families. A support group is so important and keeping a good relationship with clients is always my priority.

Power of social media – A two-sided coin to say the least. It’s powerful in how many people you can reach and I feel inspired by so many other photographers. It can also be the all-consuming and make you want to give up. It’s all about balance.

Quality equipment is key – I invested in a professional level camera when I started the business, but still had a mid-grade lens. I wasn’t using my camera to its fullest potential. I upgraded to a professional lens and can see an incredible difference in quality. 

Work-life balance – Always a struggle as a mom, wife, and business owner. I try different things to strike that balance. The end goal is to be happy and give myself grace.

Keeping focus – I was asked multiple times if I do weddings, newborns, engagements, seniors, etc. I told them no. For the first year (at least!) I just want to focus on one type of sessions. I was able to work on one thing and one thing only. I need focus or I get off track.

Be business smart – Insurance, taxes, bookkeeping, permits, client contracts – the list can go on. I didn’t know about any of this before I started and feel like I have a good grip of things now.

More to learn – That’s the beauty of this business. There is always more to learn, more people to meet, newer technology, ways to expand my business, and areas to enhance. I have a natural love of learning new things. Sure I struggle with some topics, but overall I enjoy learning.

I’m excited to see what my second year of business will bring. Cheers to turning ONE!