July 5, 2019

Early Morning Session | Fairfax, VA Family Photography

Did your photographer suggest a sunrise or early morning session? Does the thought of waking up early for a family session make you cringe? Here are some reasons you should choose a sunrise session:

1. Hands down I love sunrise or early morning sessions during the summer months. It’s cooler (I mean 75 degrees is better than 99 degrees, right?) and, well, no one likes to sweat through their session. This family met me at the location on a windy, June morning. The air still had a slight chill and the baby was happy to be out and about.

2. There are absolutely no crowds that early in the day. I avoid busy locations on Saturday evenings (the most frequently booked day and time), but if you really want a popular spot on a Saturday then go for a morning session.

3. Some locations just have better light in the mornings. Trees might block the beautiful sunset, but at sunrise you have all that sky in your photos. 

4. You have the rest of your day free to do whatever. Sunset sessions plan their whole afternoon around the photo session. For sunrise sessions you spend time prepping the night before and then wake up early to get ready. 

5. If you have a small child or baby then chances are they wake up early anyway and are more likely to be happier in the morning. I think this even applies to my kids (now 2 and 4 years old). 

I hope this helps you figure out the best time of day for your family photography session. Thanks for reading!