grandparents snuggling grandson in fall foliage

December 28, 2021

2021 Client Superlatives!

The client superlatives blog is probably the most enjoyable one I write every year. I look forward to thinking of fun, lighthearted client superlatives. I had fun at every session of 2021 as they are each unique and exciting in their own way. So take a look to see if your session was featured in this year’s list!

Most Iconic Old Town image

The lights, the lovely row of townhouses – even their outfits seemed to work especially well! You can’t beat the beautiful scenery in Old Town Alexandria, but this one takes the cake this year.

family of 5 standing in Old Town VA

Chillest Dog

Actually she is a puppy, even more impressive! This dog was ready for anything and loved to be held.

puppy held by couple laughing
extended family picture taken in field of tall grass with shipping container

Most adventurous high school Senior

She was willing to go anywhere at this unique location and we both had a blast. Her outgoing personality mixed with her love for adventure was a great combo for her session!

high school senior girl with guitar in abandoned building
senior girl walking along wall of wooden palettes

Snuggliest Grandparents

It’s easy to snuggle together on a brisk day in late Fall and these grandparents soaked it up!

grandparents snuggling grandson in fall foliage

Fewest Shoes Worn at a Session

This location was begging for shoes to be taken off. The weather was perfectly pleasant so Mom and daughter popped off their shoes! Eventually the little one followed suit too!

mom and toddler kissing with sister and dad sitting near them

Coldest Session

I know it’s deceiving because two family members are wearing shorts, but this November session at a park in Sterling, Virginia was brisk and chilly!

mom and dad in background with 3 teenage kids walking toward camera

Best Curly Hair – Mom

Ok I’m taking my own bias toward curly-haired friends with this (and the next!) award as a fellow curly hair girl. But this mom totally rocked her gorgeous, auburn curls! And can’t beat those flowers at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria either!

mom with red curls smiling at camera

Best Curly Hair – Kid

These toddler curls! I couldn’t get over them. She would not let her mom put anything in her hair and I was totally okay with a little wild-side curls.

toddler girl with curly hair
image of toddler hair from behind

Earliest Start Time

The most unique of my client superlatives, but this client deserves something! We started this May session in DC at 5:45am. We both left our homes around 5:00 to ensure we could start on time – now THAT is early! The kids in this family are on swim team year-round and were used to waking up. A perfect example of why I say to pick a time that works for you.

family of 5 sitting on large steps of Lincoln Memorial DC

Most Epic Fall Leaves

We hit this Northern Virginia location with perfect timing. Most of the leaves were at their prime of changing color and the sky wasn’t overcast at all which made for a lovely, golden session.

dad tossing toddler into the air with mom standing and smiling nearby in Fall leaves

Most Unreserved Senior

Can you feel the radiance of her personality from this image? She was totally eating up the camera at her Georgetown DC session. Two people actually stopped us to ask if she was a model! She was humble and having fun the whole time.

high school graduate girl sitting on rock steps with brick wall

And last, but not least, I have two of my favorite black and white images. I have fallen in love with black and white this year so this category seemed fitting.

Photographers Favorite B&W image – Family

family of 4 snuggling on blanket with black and white image taken from above

Photographers Favorite B&W image – Senior

high school senior graduate black and white image

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Thanks and see you next year!