January 5, 2020

2020 Client Superlatives | Burke, VA Family and Senior Photographer

The winners of the Kyle the Girl Photography 2020 Client Superlatives are here! These were SO fun to come up with and I can’t wait to share. Starting out with some classic superlative awards and then ending with some of my favorites in select categories. 

Chillest Mom Award
This momma is built of steel and always had a smile on her face. Her sweet baby was crying for no reason other than she wasn’t a fan of me (we promise, she was fine) for 98% of the session. But momma stayed happy and calm and that is KEY when your child is melting to still get great family photos. I mean look at this one, it’s precious!

Most Epic Location Award
This was my first time shooting at both of these locations and I love them each for their own reasons. Can’t wait to use them more next year.

Chubbiest Baby Award

Best Hair Award

Toddler Who is OVER IT Award

Cutest Couple Award

Session-that-almost-had-me-in-tears Award

Most creative image at a session


And here are some highlights from this year:

My favorite photo of a mother and daughter  (I get so many families with daughters that it was too hard to pick just one!)

My favorite photo of a father and daughter

My favorite photo of a mother and son

My favorite photo of a father and son

My favorite portrait of siblings

Best smile with missing teeth

My favorite portrait of a child

And there you have it – 2020 Client Superlatives! I’m excited to see what 2021 Superlatives could be!