portrait of photographer in Fall

August 18, 2022

10 Facts About Your Photographer

I firmly believe there is a photographer out there for everyone. What you want in your photographer is up to you. Does their personality seem like someone you would mesh with? Check out their About page and go to their social media page and see what you think. If you get along with your photographer then your images will be great!

girl smiling outside in portrait

1. Yes, I named my business off the unique-ness of my name. I’ve been asked about my name countless times, mostly why my parents named me Kyle. They say they found it in the girls section of the baby name book and liked it! Best story: being matched with a boy for my first college roommate assignment.

2. My business is 4 years old this month! I left my corporate graphic designer/photographer job in 2018 to be with my kids and start my own business. It’s been a journey I never could have imagined and I’ve loved it every step of the way. Except taxes. No one likes taxes.

3. I’ve had a camera in my hand since high school. I started with black and white film, developing it myself in the class darkroom. In college I was the super-cool Darkroom Monitor and played with studio work. Surprisingly I’ve only had 3-4 cameras in all my years of taking pictures. Canon all the way!

image of woman with shadows on face

4. I used to be a sports photographer for local kids soccer teams. Not my most fun job as wrangling a bunch of 7 year olds into a perfect formation is not an easy task. Super posed portraits taken with the sun high overhead. The most opposite style of how I work now.

5. I’ve traveled to 9 countries. Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Belize, and Dominican Republic. My favorite memories are from Australia and New Zealand. The best adventures and taste of the culture were in China. The tastiest papaya was straight off a tree in Belize while helping people rebuild their homes. The most fun with friends was in Germany.

virginia fall setting portrait of woman

6. Families and graduating Seniors are my jam. I’ve done a handful of weddings, newborn, and event coverage to know it’s not my cup of tea. I love the chaos of 4 kids at a family session and the places to adventure to with Seniors.

7. I’m in my 4th year of a 365 Project, taking a photo every day. As you can imagine I have quite the collection of photos. This year I’m making extra effort to print them, like in this daily flip calendar. The 365 Project has stretched me in incredible and unforeseen ways personally and in my business.

woman smiling in portrait

8. My favorite color has always been (and will forever be) pink. I used to collect pink things (wrappers and trash mostly) with the goal of finding the PERFECT car color for my future pink car.

9. I love weird facts. Like this one: I’ve photographed a family with with a last name from every letter in the alphabet except V and U.

black and white image of girl in window

10. I’m continually growing my art and how I see myself as a photographer/artist. Through many trials and errors of self portraits, conversations with my photography friends, meeting weekly with fellow artists, and transforming how I define “creativity” are some of the ways I’ve seen myself grow just past year. I believe we never stop learning and I love that about life.

your photographer sitting at computer smiling

PS – this is 100% always, always how I look when I edit.