family sitting on blanket

June 1, 2021

Shirts for Dad at your photo session

With summer sessions approaching, I wanted to share some shirts that work great for dad during your photo session. I was shopping for my husband and found some that are perfect for photos.

You want to choose a shirt that flatters your body type and also matches your style. I always encourage clients to feel like themselves when selecting outfits. I steer clients away from collared shirts as I find them cumbersome during sessions while you are playing with your kids and possibly tossing them in the air! Also tucking shirts in can add unnecessary fidgeting and needing attention.

Henley t-shirts – a photo session winner!

The classic henley is a wonderful choice. It has the accent and detail of buttons without crowding the neck area. It’s also a great option to avoid a collar and still be stylish. This cotton henley is perfect and if you want a bit more texture then this one is great. Bonus: it works in the Fall and Winter as well!

dad holding toddler daughter in garden setting
parents holding toddler girls, hugging on garden path
dad holding 2 daughters laughing
family standing together with flowers behind them

Classic t-shirts – looks good on every dad!

You can never go wrong with a classic tee. They flatter almost everyone, is easy to match with the rest of the family as they come in multiple colors (like this one), and won’t break the bank! This one has a pocket if you want to add a bit more style.

family of 5 standing in open field, parents kissing
family sitting on blanket with pink sunset sky
couple standing and cuddling together along path
dad tickling son, mom snuggling with daughters on blanket

Patterned shirts for dad

Still want more design or pattern? Go for it! Follow this helpful tip: stay subtle. A bold, stark pattern will draw attention and distract from dads face. This soft, tropical pattern is a perfect example of a low-key, low-contrast shirt. There also shirts with tiny patterns that are wonderful and add some flair to your session. A subtle tie-dye can be fun or this shirt from Old Navy comes in white and navy. This cute shirt has a small dinosaur print in two colors! And this flamingo one! What’s not to love?

You got this!

When it comes to styling dad for your photo session this summer, you now have all the tips you need! If you need anything else, feel free to contact me. Good luck and happy shopping!